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I love my power of me crew neck sweatshirt! It is comfortable and so cute. The hand drawn design on the sweatshirt is simple and stunning! The power of me brand has such an amazing message! - Susan


The best service anyone could ever ask for. Also love the quality of the product (beanie) of which I bought - Justin 


Obsessed with my hoodie! The quality is truly unparalleled. I love this brand so much. ✨

- Katie

So soft!

I love my soft sweatshirt! But my favorite part is the distinctive design! Love it! - Laurie

Amazing quality

These sweatshirts have so much meaning to me and it is amazing how it connects you to others that are going through similar situations. I love the designs, they are so unique! Quality is very nice and gives you a cozy feeling! - Marie

Love the message

Love my sweatshirt!!!! The message reminds me to believe in myself. ❤️ - Anne


The stickers ROCK - I have one on my coffee thermos and it's a wonderful affirmation for my daily cafination. - Katherine

Absolute CUTEST

The absolute CUTEST sweatshirt I own! I feel like I walked out of a Pinterest board. - Sam

SOO cozy

I love my sweatshirt so much! I've washed it so many times and it's still so cozy & soft. - Sydney


Been wearing my Keep on Going hoodie throughout my pregnancy and I'm obsessed!

- Laura


I absolutely LOVE my products. The hat is so warm and the tops are super cozy. Powerful message too. 💕 - Anne

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