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Power of Me is proud to announce that we have four top motivational speakers here to share with you some practical tools and strategies to add to your coping skills. 


Rachel Hollis


Meet New York Times 2x best-selling author, Rachel Hollis. Rachel specializes in motivational speaking and hosts events across the nation that empower her community to believe in themselves and not let their past hold them back from their present. She will address the meaning of courage and how to reframe your mindset. 


Jay Shetty

Award-Winning Story Teller, Jay Shetty, will be joining us for Live Your Life x Virtual to dive into finding your purpose. He'll teach methods on how to separate your passion from your purpose and help encourage you to discover what fuels your soul. 

Brene Brown

Meet the one and only, Brene Brown. Brene specializes in researching, storytelling, writing. Here she will dive into the importance of human connection and how the key to it is vulnerability. We encourage you to watch her TEDxTalk on The Power of Vulnerability if you want to learn more. 


Trent Shelton

Former NFL player transforms to top motivational speaker, Trent Shelton is here to teach us how to protect your peace and set boundaries. Trent runs his own podcast Straight Up where he shares lives harshest truths and how to combat your struggles. 

Live Your Life x Virtual

Join us on January 10th, 2021 for our first-ever virtual event. This five-hour program will provide you with a life-changing experience with top speakers who will discuss how to set boundaries, the power of vulnerability and courage, and finding your purpose. Email us at to reserve your spot today! 

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