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Created with Purpose.




Inspired by nature and getting outdoors, this unique collection stands for personal growth, exploration, and our own journey through the 'wilderness'. Without going out of our comfort zone, we fail to see any progress. These tees encourage you to take that next step in your journey to keep fighting whatever season you're currently in.

Every week we'll be releasing new apparel! 

Find courage to
show your imperfections.

Our apparel offers unique designs meant to provide you both with uplifting messages and comfort, no matter when you wear it. 


summer tees are here

shop our new tees,

designs, + colors

you matter.

Whether you feel this deep in your soul or not, you do matter as much as it can feel like it isn't true in your darkest moments.


for the guys


mommy & me

Come As You Are.

No matter the season you're in, we hope to provide you with a warm and safe space to show up authentically you! 

Support Your Locals

We're so excited to announce the launching of Power of Me at The Bird and Bear Collective! The Bird and Bear is all about nesting and resting, and exploring and soaring which aligns closely with what these designs intend to serve. The owner, Erin, has the sweetest soul and her shop is absolutely amazing. We can't wait to meet you! 

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Created by women to help empower other women, these designs have such a deeper meaning.

Each piece was intentionally designed to help you navigate through the season you're in, bring you words of encouragement, and to remind you to keep on going. You are so desperately needed here. 

Stay Well,



" I love my power of me crew neck sweatshirt! It is comfortable and so cute. The hand drawn design on the sweatshirt is simple and stunning! The power of me brand has such an amazing message!  "

" These sweatshirts have so much meaning to me and it is amazing how it connects you to others that are going through similar situations. I love the designs, they are so unique! Quality is very nice and gives you a cozy feeling! "

" I love my sweatshirt so much! I've washed it so many times and it's still so cozy & soft.  "


Power of Me

(508) 944 4558 

Boston, MA 


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