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Those Who've Helped Us

We've created a list of resources that have helped us on our own healing journey. These are just a few of the many out there. Please use these resources as a way to help build practical tools and strategies. We hope that through this journey you learn to love yourself in a society that tells you otherwise. 

Some things that have helped me . . .

For a little while, I found that I had lost touch with myself and my goals. As I have been navigating this journey, New York Times 2x best-selling author and top motivational speaker, Rachel Hollis has helped me reconnect with my soul through her teachings. 

I've been a follower of Rachel for quite some time now, and she's taught me how it's possible to move through hard seasons while holding both joy and pain at the same time. That you can be going through something traumatic but also find these small moments of joy. Rachel preaches that you are made for more and taught me the power of resilience. She's encouraged me to envision the best version of myself and create realistic goals to help me get there. Her story inspires me as she's developed a successful business and community. And I want to curate a space that makes you feel seen, heard, and validated. Please check out more of her powerful work at the links to the left. 


Our Experience

Rachel Hollis


Trent Shelton

For the entirety that I've been invested in self-help books, one concept I could never understand was purpose. The word was kind of just thrown out there that you need to find your purpose, and I never understood how. It wasn't until I found former NFL player to top motivational speaker Trent Shelton that this term began to click for me. 

Trent taught me that you are purpose and how we were put on this Earth with purpose. This made so much sense to me because I often felt depleted, unsure how to live up to my potential. That being said, Trent helped me understand that my purpose is to help those around me.


Instagram: trentshelton 

Podcast: Straight Up 


Instagram: melrobbins

Book: The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins recently posted a video about a metaphor that resonated with me. She uses the metaphor to explain how if you're constantly stuck in the past, you're never going to be able to experience growth. Her words moved me and encouraged me to not let my anxiety hijack my present — to take control of my life and so, I began applying her rule known as the five-second rule to my daily routine. 

When I was first introduced to her book, The Five-Second Rule, I had no idea how big of an impact this tool would have on my life. It's just 5 seconds you could convince yourself. But for me, I've been able to use this tool to consistently meet my goals, routines, and intentions. I've learned to speak up for myself or share a thought when I otherwise wouldn't have, to get out of bed in the morning when I made a promise to myself, I'd wake up earlier, or to change my reaction to something that's a trigger to me.

I promise if you fully believe in the power of 5 seconds, it will help make a difference in your life. Use it to your advantage to shift or reframe your mindset from a negative thought spiral. Her story is quite intriguing as it's science-based on how counting down from 5 seconds can actually change your mind. 


To find out more I encourage you to read her book The Five-Second Rule or check out her Five Second Journal. 

More Resources



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