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Come As You Are.


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Power of Me holds a space to help you heal daily while also speaking out about difficult topics such as eating disorders, body image, and self-doubt. Our motive is to normalize normal bodies.  We live in a society that praises diet culture, oftentimes leaving us to feel that our shape, size, or weight are our most important attributes. We believe that joy can coexist with pain and are not only here to lift you up during the hard times but help you find the power to believe in yourself. Because you are truly amazing. 


Body Image


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What We Offer


About the Creator

Meet Corinne Lewis, founder, and creator of Power of Me.  

While fighting her own journey with an eating disorder and currently in recovery, Corinne has struggled with body image throughout her teen and young adult years and is beyond grateful for her support team that's helped her along the way. She's firsthand experienced the effects of these harmful behaviors and because of her own battles, this subject touches close to her heart. 

Her motive is to make every individual feel worthy no matter their physical appearance and empower each person to embrace themselves fully. 

Let's be friends! To learn more about my own battle with my eating disorder, connect with me on social.❤️


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Become a member of the Power of Me online group today. 

Disclaimer* The information provided is not designed to replace medical advice, as I am not a licensed psychologist, medical doctor, or health care professional. 

Power of Me

(508) 944 4558 

Boston, MA 

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