This is Power of Me.


Where it all began...

Hi friend! I want to keep this community casual and welcoming as if we're just sitting across from each other at a coffee shop catching up.

I started this business at first as a passion and from a place of deep hurt and confusion. I felt beyond lost in my eating disorder journey and when I had the courage to admit I needed help, I wanted to be able to not only help myself but help others as well.

In my design class, we were tasked to build a site that was unlike anything out there. I began building a site on women empowerment, body image, and mental health but wasn't ready to share my story. 

My Journey

As I started building this site, I began to feel a fire in my soul for how much this meant to me. 

It was in those moments of creating and getting messy on the computer, that I decided that I wanted to turn Power of Me into something real. 

And so I did. I worked on it for months and months to get it ready and when it felt like nobody believed in me, I still pushed through in building a brand I believe in. 


How it's transformed... 

Without any guidance on how to start a business, I took the steps in building my own brand around my story and others. 

I use design as a creative outlet. It gives me purpose, makes me feel validated, worthy, and hopeful. And that's what I hope to bring to you when you visit my page. 

Each tee is hand-pressed, small-batch, and hand-designed by me, Corinne because I want to provide you with something that serves a greater meaning than just something materialistic. 

Our goal with the clothing line is to empower women to fully embrace themselves as they are and to truly love on themselves. Because there are too many cruel people out there to not be your biggest cheerleader. 

Disclaimer* The information provided is not designed to replace medical advice, as I am not a licensed psychologist, medical doctor, or health care professional. 

This is all from my personal experience and mental health journey. 


Power of Me

(508) 944 4558 

Boston, MA 


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